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Forest Green Energy Co.


Biomass Briquetting technology is for converting agro forestry waste (Bio-mass) to Briquettes (Bio-coal). This is a binder less technics. Due to force biomass heated and lignin act as a natural binder so no need to add any chemical or binder. Mainly there are three technology to compress or densify Biomass to make briquettes
  • Ram and Piston type mechanical Press
  • Screw press
  • Hydraulic Press
Ram and Piston type mechanical Press
  • Gives maximum binding ability so high densify solid fuel.
  • High production
  • Mostly all kind of Biomass will be utilized as a feed
  • Most successful in India and abroad
  • Output diameter 60mm, 70mm,90mm
Screw press
  • High Electric consumption compare to other
  • Low production output
  • Hollow briquettes have better calorific value and it can carbonized
  • No industrial use, suitable for cooking and back shop.
  • Smoke should be control.
Hydraulic Press
  • Loose densification or binding compare to other technology
  • Uniform length output
  • Low production
  • Only powdery form raw material utilized
  • Not successful locally compare to other

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