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Forest Green Energy Co.

Biomass Stove

Bio-Stove design is high combustion of fuel due to gasification effect at top side. Blower gives enough.


Application :

  • Bio-Stove is a smokeless high efficient eco-friendly stove for cooking kitchen application.

Models of Bio-Stove :

We have two model as per users application :
Bio-Stove for Domestic :

  • Suitable for single family or at farm house - for cook 5 person food.
  • Fuel - Pellets 8mm or small wood pieces

Bio-Stove for Commercial :

  • Suitable for Hotels, Hostels, Community center, - for cook more than 100 person food.
  • Fuel : Briquettes- 60mm /90mm or wood pieces

Silent Futures of Radhe Engineering Co. - Bio-Stove :

  • Heavy material and fram structure
  • Heat resistance sierra wool insulation
  • Smokeless combustion due to Semi gasification process gives better efficiency
  • More than 60% fuel cost saving compare to Diesel / LPG
  • Maintain natural test in cooking food
  • Users friendly Ash removing systems at bottom.
  • Suitable for Hostels, community center, Temples, and hotel and catering.

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