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Biomass Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill is utilized for convert uniform Sizing raw material / Bio-mass. Some agricultural stalk like cotton stalk. Sugarcane leaves, Soybean stalk, wood thin waste, veneer waste are available in big size, so it is not feed able for Briquetting machine.

It's require to cut below 10 mm to 15mm. Hammer mill is the best solution to sizing any kind of Biomass as per required size. Bottom screen can be change as per desired output size. Screw conveyor feed input raw material to Hammering chamber, where nos. of hammer rods are moving and hammering to biomass till convert in screening size Blower and Cyclone is for handling discharge output material.

Application :

  • Biomass Hammer Mill is for converting long and uneven size of Biomass into uniform small size biomass raw material. After hammering raw material gives better result in Briquetting machine.

Production Capacity of Hammer Mill :

  • Output Production Capacity - 1500 Kg/Hr.

Input Raw material ( Biomass) Specifications :

  • Size of Raw Material- Length/Dia - Max. 100mm / 20mm)
  • Moisture contain - Max. 8 %.

Output Raw material ( Biomass) Specification :

  • Size - 10mm -15mm
  • Form - Uniform Semi powdery / Powdery
  • Output Production Capacity - 1500 Kg/Hr. *

Production Capacity :
Output capacity is depends on the bulk density and type of Raw Material. So it will vary with different type and size of input raw material. If the raw material is bigger like stalk then Shredder / Cutter is required additionally. It will be 1000 Kg to 1500 Kg/Hr

Electricity / Power :

  • Total Connected power Load - Approx. 41.5 HP
  • Practical used Amp. Load - Approx. 35 - 50 Amp
  • Power consumption - AApprox. 20 - 25 Unit/MT

Individual Electric data :

  • Briquetting Main Ele.Motor - 30 HP
  • Blower Motor - 7.5 HP
  • Screw Conveyor Ele. Motor - 3 HP
  • Rotary Air Lock - 1 HP

Silent Futures of Radhe Engineering Co. - Hammer Mill :

  • Standard Heavy duty applicable MOC
  • Due to atomization, whenever hammer mill main motor take more load feeding will stop and restart automatically.
  • Separate big stone.
  • Dust collector to prevent dust pollution after cyclone.
  • Different capacity model available.

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