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Biomass Briquetting Plant (Supreme - 70)

The Briquetting Plant is a ram type press designed for continuous heavy-duty operation with two load wheels. One of the load wheels acts as a pulley, and driven by the main motor through a flat belt forced lubrication is provided by oil lubrication system which gives a longer life to the bushes.

Dry agro - forestry waste as a raw material is fed through the screw conveyor to Kupy by means of vertical screws, with its own-geared motor. It pre-compress and forces the material downward into the feeder box. From the feeder box the material is forced by the Ram through Taper die and due to high pressure & heat, raw material (Biomass) is converted into solid cylindrical briquettes. Finally finished briquettes come out from die holder and passes through natural cooling lines.

During Process lignin content in the raw material (Biomass) is transformed into liquid form & acts as a natural binder. Therefore it is called the Binder less Technology. Supreme-70 Model is ideal for medium production and best for waste management in agro and wood industries. If raw material ( Biomass) is available in powdery form, so this smaller model is suitable to convert Briquettes.

Application :

  • Biomass Briquetting Plant is for converting agro forestry waste (Bio-mass) to Briquettes (Bio-coal).

Production Capacity of Biomass Briquetting plant ( Supreme - 70) :

  • Output Production Capacity - 900 Kg/Hr. *

Raw material ( Biomass) Specifications :

  • Size of Raw Material - Up to 10mm
  • Moisture contain - Max. 10 %.

Output Briquettes (Bio-coal) Specification :

  • Briquettes Diameter / Shape - 70 mm ( Cylindrical Shape)
  • Briquettes Length - Not fixed ( around 1 Feet)
  • Output Production Capacity - 900 Kg/Hr.

Production Capacity :
Output capacity is depends on the bulk density of Raw Material. So it will vary with different input raw material.It will be 600 Kg to 900 Kg/Hr. If the raw material is not in powdery form then Hammer Mill is required additionally

Electricity / Power :

  • Total Connected power Load - Approx. 61.5 HP
  • Practical used Amp. Load - Approx. 50 - 75 Amp
  • Power consumption - Approx. 35 - 40 Unit/MT

Individual Electric data :

  • Briquetting Main Ele.Motor - 50 HP
  • Feeding Kupy Ele. Motor - 7.5 HP
  • Screw Conveyor Ele. Motor - 3 HP
  • Lubrication System Ele. Motor - 1 HP

Area & Size :

  • Foundation - 12 Feet x 4 Feet
  • Machine Room (For one Machine) - Minimum 20 Feet x 15 Feet
  • Total Area for Project - Minimum 500 M3 or More

Silent Futures of Radhe Engineering Co. - Biomass briquetting Plant (Supreme-70) :

  • Standard genuine parts with applicable MOC and process
  • Compact but ideal design reference to Jumbo-90
  • Temperature sensors to all bushes to prevent life of bushes
  • Auto control feeding as reference to main motor load and auto restart
  • VFD to screw conveyor to change speed of feeding

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