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Forest Green Energy Co.

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Forest Green Energy Co.

Bio-Mass Briquetting Plant and The Project

Bio-Mass Briquetting Plant Forest Green Energy Co. is started with Bio-mass Briquettes Production and supply as a regular Vender of number of corporate production house. Due to own Briquettes Manufacturing Facilities, we tried different kind of raw materials and makes customize changes as per requirement. Key Highlights :
  • Fully Technical Facilities near engineering hub
  • In house Operator training facilities at our own plant
  • Different kind of raw materials testing facilities
  • Complete Customer care approach and after sale services
  • Offer with Plant and machinery with erection and commissioning
  • Friendly advice to start up fully project
The Project Bio-Mass Briquetting Bio-mass energy is the easy source of renewable energy. Only Bio-mass can replaced fossil fuels and balance ecology and economy of industrial development. There is a limited stock of fossil fuels like petrol, Kerosene, Furnace Oil, LDO, Natural Gas, LPG, Lignite, Coal etc so use of Renewable Energy potential in agricultural wastes shows good promise The Project is simply process of converting agro forestry or Bio-mass into Briquettes or Bio mass into Briquettes/Bio Coal. Briquetting is the process of densification of biomass to produce homogeneous, uniformly sized, High bulk density Eco-friendly fuel.
  • The Incentives from the Government of India
  • Income Tax benefit as per 80JJA
  • CPCB declared as Non-Polluting industries
  • Priority finance available as a green energy project [Kindly Check the Updates
Social Benefits :
  • Employment generation and development rural area
  • Save import duty on fossil fuel
  • Reduce greenhouse gases and minimized pollution
  • Save trees and forest
  • Utilized agro waste makes clean and green concepts
Salient Feature Of The Project :
  • Excellent Project viability
  • Easy availability of various raw materials
  • Does not require any binder or chemical
  • Excellent project viability with short payback period
  • Rising demand of finished Briquettes
  • Pollution free and non-hazardous project
  • Worldwide Favoring Green Energy Policies